Monday, January 26, 2009

The Root Cellar

This oil painting is 24"h x 30" w

Renaissance Lady

This renaissance lady is 16" h x 18" w, and is oil on canvas
This is a pastel, 12" w x 16" h and is still a work in progress

Still Life with Fruit

This still life is a work in progress. It is 16" h x 18" w.


These chickens are oil on a 12" x 24" canvas

Fox Hunt

This oil painting is approx 16" h x 18" h

Fox Hunt

This oil on canvas is 12" h x 16" w

Female Figure

This 18" h x 24" w oil painting is also a work in progress.

Female Figure

This 24" x 30" w oil painting is a work in progress.

Venetian Pigeon

Oil on Canvas Panel 16"h x 20" w


Oil on canvas 8" h x 10" w